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MedSave.com is pleased to be a national leader in short term health insurance and part of the solution to our national health care dilemma. These are some of the details that make short term... Read more

Q: I am looking for low-cost medical insurance coverage for my family. My wife and I live in Florida, are in our mid-forties, and have 3 children ages 9, 15, and 18. We are all very healthy and... Read more

Q: We are looking for a family health insurance plan for a three person family living in Rochester New York. A: MedSave.com specializes in low cost health plans. Unfortunately, New York... Read more

Q: I have a pre existing condition that my new insurance will not cover until after 12 months. Does this insurance cover pre existing conditions? A: While no insurance will provide 100%... Read more

Q: How can I find out if the pharmacy in my neighborhood accepts the free discount drug card from MedSave.com?   A: Almost all large chain pharmacies except the DrugCardAmerica that is... Read more

Q: I lost my job and group insurance almost two months ago. Will "limited indemnity coverage" satisfy the legal requirement to maintain coverage (without more than a 63 day gap) so... Read more

Q: My wife was considering gastric bypass. The waiting period is a year and she must follow a certain plan created for this procedure. Would this surgery be considered covered? My... Read more

Jan 1, 2010

Q: Think its time you admit you made an error here? The growth of H.S.A. plans is astronomical.   A: MedSave.com no longer reports on the growth of HSA plans so the data you are... Read more

John Hancock Life Insurance Company administers long term care insurance for insurance companies that were formerly known as "Fortis".  Fortis is a worldwide financial services company that... Read more

Q: I need coverage in the 14843 zip code of New York State. Does your policy provide this?   A: All of the life insurance and U.S. health insurance policies listed at MedSave.com provide... Read more

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