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Q: Do you know if there is something that would supplement my current insurance and help with the cost of maternity care too. How long would the waiting period be before it would be... Read more

Q: Do you have to do anything at tax time with the 1099A form you get for your Health Savings Account? A: Yes, Health Savings Account (HSA) owners are required to file Form... Read more

Q: Our group insurance just changed the cap amounts from a lifetime $ 1,000,000 per person to $ 200,000 per year. When we asked them about other potential options in case we encountered an... Read more

Q:  Is Medicare supplement for person age 33 and drawing SS disability because of mental retardation? A: No but "Basic Health Insurance" is available as a possible alternative... Read more

Q: I currently have health insurance. I was recently told that I have to have a procedure done next week. If I sign up for supplemental health coverage now, will I be covered? And if so,... Read more

Q: Does Timothy's Law coverage apply to Value Health?   A: Timothy's Law requires major medical insurance plans in New York state to provide a minimum of 30 days inpatient care... Read more

Q: I have had an HSA through work for the past 2.5 years for the benefit of myself and my wife and children. In May of this year I ceased getting high deductible insurance through my employer... Read more

Q:My employer is offering a qualified High Deductible Medical plan for myself and my family. My employer is offering a qualified High Deductible Medical plan for myself and my family. My... Read more

Q: Why would I include trip interruption insurance with international medical coverage? A: Consider these headlines just from today's news: "France: Train collision on Corsica... Read more

Q: Can I enroll for Value Benefits online?   A: There are five Value Health plans but only three offer online enrollment. The enrollment links are:     24 Hour... Read more

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