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Q: Is there some type of insurance that I may get that is short term? I am losing my job due to a recent merger and am needing coverage. However, I do have a current medical condition and... Read more

Q: I want information on how to enroll in Value Hospital Plan. I am unemployed and my medical benefits expired. Depending on the premium, how long after I sign up will the benefits take effect.... Read more

Q: My wife recently changed jobs and does not get health care coverage through her new employer due to the high cost (1000+ dollars a month for family coverage). I cannot enroll in my... Read more

Q: What is the minimal time for a life insurance policy? Can you insure for only 1 or 2 months? A: Yes; life insurance policies are typically issued for a one year policy term but you can always... Read more

Q: I need proof of health insurance to cover a trip during spring break. A: Regardless of whether your destination is in one of the states or overseas, it makes sense to... Read more

Q:  I am interested in purchasing short-term health insurance for my 16 month old son. We only need coverage for 30 days starting Sept. 1. We are moving from West Virginia to North Carolina... Read more

Q: I am eight months pregnant & currently have UPMC HMO but its only covering 80% of my hospitalization. Would short term medical insurance work as supplemental insurance? A: No, short... Read more

Q: I was online trying to get a quote and more information about supplemental health insurance. I went to the pull down menu for the states and Indiana was not on the list. Is it available to... Read more

Q: I would like more information on supplemental health insurance. A: Because there is so much variance between the different plans the best source of information is the... Read more

Q: I have health coverage through my employment but I have a $2,500 deductible my son has had procedures done in October and December. But as you know the deductible starts again in 2008.... Read more

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