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Everyone in the United States who meets all five of the conditions listed below is eligible for coverage. The eligibility requirements are: 1 - Must not have other other overlapping primary... Read more

Q: Is pregnancy a disability? A: A normal pregnancy is not considered a disability but complications of pregnancy may result in disability covered by an insurance policy. Read more

Q: I and my wife is looking for health plan with discount to diabetics with no age limits. A: None of the discount plans have any age limit or exclusions for diabetes. See... Read more

Q: I am interested in signing up for the ehealthdiscountplan.com $29.95/mo plan. But before I do, I need to know what doctors are available in my state. A: Just click the "Find a... Read more

Q: I was surprised to receive an e-mail confirming enrollment and ID card for Drug Card America? I was investigating health insurance options and did not intend to enroll at this... Read more

Q: I applied for the ValueMed plan last week through your online portal. I just wanted to know the average time it takes to get approved, and when I could expect to hear back on the status of my... Read more

Q: I am executrix of my mother's will. She passed away this year. Today I came across a letter written to Guarantee Trust Life.   Someone from your company stamped... Read more

Jan 1, 2010

Q: I want to get more information on the Fairmont Insurance plans.. A: The article titled "A Review of SIMPLE Short Term Medical Insurance" contains sections about the insurance... Read more

Q: What features should I look for in a disability insurance policy? A: The single most important feature is how the policy defines disability. A common definition is "an illness or injury... Read more

Q: Why do you say that disability income insurance is more important than major medical insurance? A: A person with inadequate major medical insurance might lose some sleep over unpaid bills... Read more

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