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Q: What is the difference between Blue Cross' BlueOption Temporary short term health insurance plan and Secure STM? A: The primary difference in the maximum length of... Read more

Q: My daughter began a Grad Assistant position on the campus of Columbia University. The position begins now and runs throughout the school year. She will be living on the Campus as a... Read more

Q: I am looking into an HSA. I read that you can transfer an IRA into an HSA on a one-time basis. Would that also apply if you had a 403(b) is a public School (PA.) retirement plan?  ... Read more

Q: I need short term medical insurance for my wife, age 63, for about 26 months until she becomes eligible for Medicare. I am concerned that if a medical condition develops, she will not be... Read more

Q: My wife currently has Blue Cross Blue Shield but the rates (over $700/mo.) are getting out of our reach. We are living on my Social Security, and she is not yet eligible for Medicare,... Read more

Q: Can "Liaison Traveler" policy be used as a short term life insurance policy while changing jobs? That policy is intended for international travelers. Does the coverage apply even... Read more

Q: I am looking for low cost health insurance to cover a pregnancy. A: Maternity expenses are normally covered by higher priced major medical policies or paid by... Read more

Q: I am looking for some health insurance quotes. My husband carries our health insurance right now and might be changing jobs to an employer that does not offer health insurance. Can you... Read more

Q: I am a New York resident without health insurance. I need to get coverage until I find employment. A: Because New York state law does not utilize the product called... Read more

Q: I need to cancel my insurance coverage. A: The best way to cancel insurance coverage is to call the member services office. This allows the representative to ask the... Read more

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