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Q: I am a diabetic and would like some assistance in choosing the right plan. I'm not seeing anything about prescription/supply insurance coverage at MedSave.com. A: Primary... Read more

Q: I have been having trouble finding medical insurance due to my weight. What is the different between the two programs you have. One was $38 something and the other was $96 something... Read more

Q: I have had some medical tests and an now scheduled for surgery. Am I eligible for Core Health Insurance and is this considered a pre-existing medical condition? A: You... Read more

Q: I am interested in buying the Value Health Insurance, but have a few questions that I need clarified. I wanted to ensure that the policy is available in New York State? Also that the... Read more

Q: Why doesn't OnlineAdviser offer telephone support? A: Telephone support is provided directly by each insurance company or benefit plan administrator. Telephone... Read more

Apr 9, 2008

Q: What is behind AFLAC's rising consumer complaints? A: According to The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the number of group health... Read more

Q: How do I cancel my Simple STM policy? A: This is the procedure directly from the Simple STM plan administrator: "FSG Short term medical insurance policy... Read more

Q: I have been covered by Celtic short term medical insurance for a year and it has worked out great (I only had one claim) but I am thinking about switching to permanent renewable coverage... Read more

Q: I am writing in regard to the rising cost of health care. We just turned 60 years old and our present health coverage just went up 40% over what we were paying. I am a diabetic but my... Read more

Q: What is the average cost of health insurance? A: A well-publicized study by Kaiser Foundation reported that the average cost of employer-provided health insurance was... Read more

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