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Q: Does this cover Lexapro, and Zanax, and how much would they be? A: All of the prescription plans at MedSave.com cover these anti-depressants, but that is likely not... Read more

Q: How do I cancel my Golden Rule Insurance and when will the cancellation be effective? A: Call (800) 926-7602. Cancellation will be effective as of the date you call... Read more

Q: I need to discuss a short term medical plan for my child. She needs her tonsils removed a.s.a.p. as it is affecting her breathing. I do not qualify for CHIP and do not have 45 days to... Read more

Q: Is supplemental insurance available for hospital expenses? A: Yes; one of the most popular is "Value Health" from American International Group (AIG) and... Read more

Q: We have applications for dental insurance from American Health Shield, but were told we need a agent, we what to get dental on a individual plans for our employees, we have three... Read more

Q: Are there any covered providers or hospitals within 10 miles of New York City? A: Yes, all of the domestic health insurance plans listed at MedSave.com cover... Read more

Q: I recently checked my credit card statement and I see a $3.95 charge for "ValueHealth of Philadelphia, PA" around March 24th. There are a set of numbers also 8662031891. What is this... Read more

Q: I currently have a limited benefits health plan. Can I combine this plan ALONG with Value Health Plan to help pay a claim? Would I be able to conjointly use them to pay any "gaps" in... Read more

Q: I was diagnosed with some medical issues 7 1/2 years ago but did not get additional treatment. Since then, I've taken some herbal supplements and the problems seem to have gone away. Is... Read more

Q: Do short term health insurance policies covered contact sports such as rugby? A: Yes, injuries from sports are covered expenses but participation in professional... Read more

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