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Q: Who is Co-ordinated Benefit Plans Inc.? A: Co-ordinated Benefit Plans, Inc. (CBPI) is a third party administrator of health plans based in Clearwater, Florida. Founded in 1980, CBPI is... Read more

Q: Could you please let me know whether my Celtic short-term insurance coverage is scheduled to begin on time. I completed a full application online but received the email below indicating that... Read more

Health insurance is controlled by state law and the laws vary in each state. These laws have been modified frequently with dozens of new provisions each year. As a result, the topic of buying... Read more

Q: I need insurance for my daughter that would be considered continuing coverage between jobs for a few months. COBRA is not available. She has pre-existing medical conditions. When could... Read more

Q: Obviously I must pay to apply for Core Health insurance plans, in the instance of denial of coverage, do they refund the application fee? Also, how much is the application fee? A: Yes, Core... Read more

Q: Core Health Insurance looks good except for the 12-month pre-existing condition clause. I am interpreting this that if I am seen in routine care for my diabetes, have any problems and have to... Read more

Q: I am a licensed agent in the state of Florida and was looking for coverage for a college student that is insulin dependent. I happened upon the Med save website, ran a quote with Core Health... Read more

Q: Does Core Health Insurance platinum plan cover individuals with diabetes?   A: Yes, all of the Core Health Insurance Plans cover diabetes the same as all other types of pre-existing... Read more

Q: Does Core Health plan cover maternity? I am not pregnant but plan on becoming pregnant soon. A: Core Health insurance pays medical expenses related to pregnancy in the same way as any... Read more

Q: I see a licensed therapist in another state far from where I live. She is not in any network. I don't want to change. So I see her for 2 hours and twice a month. Under her care, I also... Read more

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