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Q: Our church serves seasonal workers in New Mexico who do not have health insurance. Some are not U.S. citizens. Are any health insurance plans available?  A: Yes,... Read more

Q: I am investigating low cost hospitalization insurance coverage options for my sister-in-law in New York and wonder what plans you suggest -- what is the cost and what information would... Read more

Q: Can I apply online for disability income insurance? A: You can obtain an application online at MedSave.com but the application must be downloaded, printed, completed manually and returned by... Read more

Q:  I would like an insurance quote for a client. $150-$250k. I am looking for both short term (temp), and level term products. Please contact me to discuss. I have some clients I cannot do... Read more

Q:  I am looking for a plan that covers what my present plan doesn't.  I currently have no office visit I $300 deductible per year 10 % deductible of covered... Read more

Q: At my cost and option, my new employer offers very basic health insurance, with a maximum total yearly payout of only $15,000, including hospitalization.  Although the protection is... Read more

Jan 1, 2010

Q: I have a few questions about the Celtic Basic PPO 80/20 plan.  I found this under a search for student health insurance.  I will be a student but it will be at a... Read more

Q: I have been living with a partner for the last 10 years and we are not married. Can I contribute to my health savings account as a family or as an individual? A: This is determined by the... Read more

Q: I am a student in The University of Pennsylvania and I want to find a health insurance plan for myself, I quoted online and was interested in the Celtic Basic PPO 80/20 Plan. But... Read more

Q: I have been emailing but why has no one emailed me back. I am concerned about my Guarantee Trust Life Insurance policy. I mailed a payment in September and the check has not been cashed.... Read more

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