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Q: What is the difference between "major medical insurance", "limited benefit" insurance, and "supplemental" insurance?   A: All three terms are used to... Read more

Q: Does this company have a license, are you a member of the Better Business Bureau, and what is the name on the insurance card. Also, do you have a phone number? A:... Read more

Q: I have been trying to get info on any type of Life Insurance for myself, a HIV + individual. I am very healthy and have been HIV + asymptomatic, undetectable for the last 20 yrs. I did have a... Read more

Q:  I am searching for information to obtain reasonable health insurance coverage for my 19 year old daughter who is Type 1 Diabetic. She needs coverage until being admitted to a... Read more

Q: I switched to a health savings account last year but now the premium increased to the point where I wonder if it is worthwhile.   A: Check the rates for Golden Rule Insurance that... Read more

Q: How do I get a brochure and enrollment forms by mail? A: MedSave.com is a completely paperless organization. We are proud to have maintained this environmentally... Read more

Q: Where can I find low cost health insurance in Maryland with no medical underwriting? A: The only universal health insurance in Maryland with absolutely no medical... Read more

Q: I currently live in Pittsburgh, PA, but will leave Pittsburgh for good on 8/31, and move to Boston, MA, on 9/1. I need the coverage for 1 month: 9/1 to 10/1. What address (the new MA address... Read more

Jan 1, 2010

Q: Is there a maximum amount you can have in your HSA account? I read somewhere that you can be taxed over a certain amount if you are not a certain age?   A: No, there is no maximum. The... Read more

Q:  Is there a maximum amount of group life insurance I can have? A: There are no maximum limits per se, but there are some practical points to consider. First, the tax laws provide that... Read more

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