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Value Health insurance

Q: How do I cancel Value Med insurance?   A: To cancel any of the Value Benefit Plans, write to GAC, 15575 79th Place, #100, Scottsdale AZ 85260. The telephone number is (800) 471-7996... Read more

Q: I applied for the ValueMed plan last week through your online portal. I just wanted to know the average time it takes to get approved, and when I could expect to hear back on the status of my... Read more

Q: Do the Value Health and Value Hospital plans cover expenses related to pregnancy and delivery? If so, what is the waiting period for coverage? Also, when the baby is born would any... Read more

Q: Can I enroll for Value Benefits online?   A: There are five Value Health plans but only three offer online enrollment. The enrollment links are:     24 Hour... Read more

Q: When will online enrollment be available for Value Health? A: Value Health insurance is only available with a mail-in or fax-in application available from ... Read more

Q: I am thinking about applying for a Value Health plan for my son, who will work his last day on December 28th this year. We want to get the Platinum coverage. I printed out the forms to send.... Read more

Jan 1, 2010

Q: If I submit an application for Value Med insurance by fax on the 21st or 22nd of June, when would the policy go into effect?   A: Normally it would be effective on the 1st day of... Read more

May 13, 2009

Q: What is Value Med? A: "Value Med" is sometimes used as a generic term to describe any low cost health insurance that provides strong basic health benefits. But... Read more

Q: What is the difference between the "Classic",  "Silver", "Gold" and "Platinum" plans for Value Health Insurance? A: The... Read more

Q: I recently checked my credit card statement and I see a $3.95 charge for "ValueHealth of Philadelphia, PA" around March 24th. There are a set of numbers also 8662031891. What is this... Read more

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