Universal health insurance in Georgia

TA | April 13, 2009

Q: I live in Georgia. I have some minor pre-existing conditions that I take maintenance medicine for. I have been rejected by all insurance companies I have applied with. Do you have any advice on my getting insurance? I need my medicine.

A: Although we write about this frequently, it is important to repeat because so many people are caught unaware of the harmful effects of applying for an insurance without checking the eligibility requirements. It is possible to find the right insurance for a specific medical condition, especially the type you describe. But at this point it is not the pre-existing medical condition that is your problem but rather the fact that several "declines" are now posted on your Medical Information Bureau report. This makes you ineligible for most of the low cost insurance plans. Never apply to an insurance unless you have verified with the enrollment adviser that you are eligible for coverage. A "decline" can haunt you for years.

So at this point you must find a health plans that does not care about your pre-existing condition or the previous declines. This means either an expensive major medical insurance of a less expensive "mini-med" insurance. In either case, you will pay for most of the prescription outside of the insurance. Fortunately most maintenance medications are relatively affordable and so paying for them directly outside of insurance actually lowers your overall health care costs. 

In Georgia, the most popular choices would be the limited benefit Core Health Insurance available at three different price and benefit levels. The highest level benefit plan offers the best compromise between cost and benefits considering the limitations posed in this situation. A few other universal health insurance choices are listed on the Georgia listing page.


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