Type 1 diabetic needs medical insurance

TA | August 3, 2009

Q: I am applying for my son only, who lives in Texas and has type 1 diabetes. Will he be covered? He has had no insurance for 5 month due to I lost my job.

A: We presume from your question that your son is insulin dependent and that no continuation coverage (COBRA or similar state plan) is available.

Although some short term major medical insurance policies like Secure Short Term Medical Insurance products, the "Secure 12x3" 3 year version and the "SecureLite" version are available to a diabetics who is not using insulin, there is no comparable insurance for an insulin-dependent diabetic. MedSave.com only offers limited benefit coverage in this case through policies like Core Health Insurance or Value Benefit policies. While these are more affordable and better than having no coverage at all, this is not comprehensive health insurance.

The best option is the Texas assigned risk insurance pool. You can learn more about this at http://www.txhealthpool.org/index.html. Unfortunately this is the most expensive option but necessary in your son's situation.

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