January 1, 2010

Q: Why would I include trip interruption insurance with international medical coverage?

A: Consider these headlines just from today's news:

"France: Train collision on Corsica injures 24" (11/21/2007)

"France: Update: Vandals sabotage rail lines as strike continues" (11/21/2007)

"Hungary: Update: Strikes, protests against government's reform plans disrupt transport services" (11/21/2007)

"South Korea: Some flights delayed at Incheon Airport" (11/20/2007)

"New Zealand: Wellington Airport temporarily closed after small airplane crash" (11/20/2007)

"Official Travel Advice: Canada advises against travel to cyclone-affected areas in southern Bangladesh" (11/20/2007)

"Philippines: Update: Tropical storm causes flight delays, cancellations" (11/20/2007)

"India: Update: Rebels blow up section of railway track in Bihar" (11/20/2007)

"France: Update: Flights delayed as transportation strike continues nationwide" (11/20/2007)

"Official Travel Advice: Canada continues to warn against travel to flooded regions in Africa" (11/20/2007)

"Official Travel Advice: Canada reports severe flooding forces suspension of flights in Papua New Guinea" (11/20/2007)

Now imagine that if you are planning a two week trip that you might possible have a list of travel interruptions 14 times longer.Then, besides the natural disasters, add the risk of a personal disaster - an illness while travelling or the death or severe illness of of a relative back home, and you can see that trip interruptions are a real risk.

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