Travel insurance within the U.S.

TA | November 5, 2008

Q: I am a U.S. citizen residing overseas, in Israel. I need health and/or travel coverage for series of trips I will be making to the United States over the next 6 months. I need insurance to cover a pre-existing heart condition.

A: This combination of details is the most difficult to insure. Commercial insurance n the U.S. is deliberately designed to discourage non-residents from seeking more expensive medical treatment within the U.S. for chronic pre-existing medical conditions. While international travel insurance policies usually provide medical coverage for pre-existing medical conditions while travelling, the coverage does not apply to U.S. residents within the United States where standard domestic coverage would normally apply.

Seven Corners Inc. recommends "Liaison International" insurance for this situation because the coverage includes up to $300,000 for emergency medical stabilization and evacuation in the event that a serious medical condition resurfaces. Essentially you rely on your own regular medical insurance in the event that another heart procedure is required and this travel insurance provides the assurance that you will be evacuated and/or repatriated as quickly as possible.



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