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Supplemental Health Insurance

Q: I have a high deductible health insurance policy. Is there such a thing as a supplement health insurance policy that I can use to help me pay the high deductible of $5000.00 I have not met... Read more

Q: I am looking into getting something to supplement the health insurance I already have for myself and family and am a little lost. A: Start by looking at the short and... Read more

Q: I currently have Pacificare's PPO plan, which is a 70/30 plan with a $40 co-pay and $1,500 deductible per member. the members being my wife, 3 kids, and myself. Can you send me... Read more

Q: How do I know which doctors or hospitals accept your plan? I also am a disabled veteran (under the age of 65) with 100% benefits through the VA. I plan to continue with that plan,... Read more

Q: What I'd like to know is, is there a supplemental insurance that will help us pay for our doctors and lab work and prescriptions? My husbands place of employment is now only providing... Read more

Q: What is out there that compares to AFLAC supplemental medical insurance that is available online? A: Core Health Insurance has four plans in most states that may offer a... Read more

Q: I need a supplemental health insurance I can afford. A: Value Benefits offers the lowest priced supplemental health insurance plans in your state (Texas). The choices... Read more

Q: Does supplemental insurance cover maternity expenses? A: Most supplemental insurance policies including Basic Health Insurance, Value Health and the other related Value... Read more

Q: Is supplemental insurance available for hospital expenses? A: Yes; one of the most popular is "Value Health" from American International Group (AIG) and... Read more

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