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Supplemental Health Insurance

Q: Do you know if there is something that would supplement my current insurance and help with the cost of maternity care too. How long would the waiting period be before it would be... Read more

Q: I am employed by AT&T in Louisville, KY. As you may know, AT&T does pay for their employee's Health, Vision, and Dental care, however, the coverage has around a $1100 deductible.... Read more

Q: I already have hospitalization coverage, but not medical coverage. I am looking for coverage for medical office visits, etc. I would also be interested in coverage for chiropractic work... Read more

Q:  I am looking for a plan that covers what my present plan doesn't.  I currently have no office visit I $300 deductible per year 10 % deductible of covered... Read more

Q:  Is Medicare supplement for person age 33 and drawing SS disability because of mental retardation? A: No but "Basic Health Insurance" is available as a possible alternative... Read more

Q: I am eight months pregnant & currently have UPMC HMO but its only covering 80% of my hospitalization. Would short term medical insurance work as supplemental insurance? A: No, short... Read more

Q: I was online trying to get a quote and more information about supplemental health insurance. I went to the pull down menu for the states and Indiana was not on the list. Is it available to... Read more

Q: I would like more information on supplemental health insurance. A: Because there is so much variance between the different plans the best source of information is the... Read more

Q: I have health coverage through my employment but I have a $2,500 deductible my son has had procedures done in October and December. But as you know the deductible starts again in 2008.... Read more

Q: I currently have health insurance. I was recently told that I have to have a procedure done next week. If I sign up for supplemental health coverage now, will I be covered? And if so,... Read more

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