Spring break travel requires medical insurance

January 1, 2010

Q: I need proof of health insurance to cover a trip during spring break.

A: Regardless of whether your destination is in one of the states or overseas, it makes sense to spend a few minutes to become familiar with the travel insurance options that are available for only a few dollars a day. If your trip is sponsored by an organization, then proof of medical insurance is often required before departure. Many people do not realize that their regular health insurance provides inadequate coverage while hey are travelling.

For short trips outside the U.S. Liaison International is the best choice. You can add complete trip insurance including lost luggage protection with Round Trip insurance. Coverage can be issued immediately for as short as five days. The cost for a short trip is typically under $20 per person.

For trips within the U.S. any of the reputable short term medical insurance plans listed here at MedSave.com will provide immediate emergency coverage while you are travelling. Unlike other insurance plans, these policies provide the same coverage throughout the United States, with any doctor or hospital and do not require the use of a network provider. The proof of insurance can be printed out as soon as you complete the fast online enrollment.

Another approach is to add supplemental coverage like 24 Hour Accident insurance from Value Benefits. This overlaps the primary health insurance and provides additional cash to cover expenses incurred in the event of an unforeseen medical problem. This coverage applies at home as well as while travelling.

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