January 1, 2010

Q: I want information on how to enroll in Value Hospital Plan. I am unemployed and my medical benefits expired. Depending on the premium, how long after I sign up will the benefits take effect. I'm looking for short term medical insurance. I can't afford insurance at the moment. My spouse has her own insurance, but its too expensive to add me. I'd like to review my options.

A: Actually, a short term medical insurance policy would be more appropriate and a better value in your situation. Value Hospital plan is a long term insurance that does not cover all significant risks. See the www.MedSave.com state-by-state listing that includes any high quality short term medical insurance plans that may be available in you state. These policies are about half of the cost of the group insurance coverage and you can specify the starting and ending date to fit your need. Policies are issued immediately online.

The Value Hospital Plan is designed as a supplemental insurance and should not be used alone unless you absolutely cannot get any other coverage. All information, including pricing, benefits and enrollment, are available at http://www.medsave.com/Value-Hospital-insurance.htm


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