January 1, 2010

Q: Is there some type of insurance that I may get that is short term? I am losing my job due to a recent merger and am needing coverage. However, I do have a current medical condition and don't know if I will be accepted.

A: Short term medical insurance is designed specifically for this purpose of providing critical coverage for people who are between jobs. Most people are eligible for this type of insurance, even with pre-existing medical conditions. Short term insurance is designed to cover any new medical issues that come up between jobs but does not take over payment for pre-existing conditions. For this reason, the insurance is easy to get and is significantly less expensive than group medical insurance. If your pre-existing medical conditions are expected to require expensive treatment during the layoff period, then COBRA coverage is the only sensible approach and not the short term medical insurance would not be an option. To find out if you are eligible for coverage, see the "eligibility" section on the Web review page at MedSave.com

Each insurance company has slightly different eligibility standards. You might find that you are eligible for one plan and not another. For example, eligibility requirements for "Secure Short Term Medical Insurance" (one of the most popular high quality plans) are listed at http://www.medsave.com/articles/Review-of-Secure-STM.htm#General_Eligibility_ and eligibility requirements for "Simple Short Term Medical Insurance" (a very popular low cost plan) are listed at http://www.medsave.com/articles/Review-of-Simple-STM.htm . Other insurance options have similar online pages describing their unique eligibility requirements.

If you find that your pre-existing medical conditions is a problem see the article "Finding-health-insurance-to-cover-pre-exising-medical-conditions" for more information on finding alternatives.


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