Short term insurance during pregnancy

LN | September 19, 2008

Q: I'm inquiring about temporary insurance. My wife is pregnant but will be due in Feb. I will need insurance only for the Month of Sept. My question is: if during Sept. an emergency situation due to my wife pregnancy arises (other than giving birth), will it be considered a preexisting condition or will it be covered?

A: Not only is the pregnancy a pre-existing condition, but the bigger problem is that most major medical policies are not available to either the pregnant woman or the expectant father during the term of the pregnancy. This can be a significant obstacle that should not be taken lightly. The options are covered in detail elsewhere on this site: universal health insurance policies, limited benefit policies (especially the Core Health Insurance you were considering when you posted the question), COBRA, HIPAA conversion or non-insurance community health services. Fortunately if you only need one month of coverage then you  will not have a problem with you former policy's Certificate of Creditable Coverage.

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