Short term health insurance for child in New York

KM | May 22, 2008

Q: Would you please suggest an insurance carrier to contact to get temporary insurance for my 6 month old daughter. We live in New York, which I know is an issue for most insurance companies. Me and the rest of our family already have insurance coverage so it's just for my daughter.

A: Unfortunately this type of "child only" short term medical insurance is not available with any carrier under these specific circumstances. The options generally available to New Yorkers who need short term medical coverage are listed in the article titled "Short term health insurance in New York", however as a practical matter it seems that none of these options may be available to you.

You e-mail domain name suggests that you might be recently moved to the U.S. If so, then one option is "Inbound Immigrant" that can be issued on a short term basis to a young child.

Otherwise, the second best option is to enroll an adult with your child in Core Health Insurance. These are supplemental policies that pay benefits in addition to whatever is covered under other insurance, so the coverage will not be "wasted" by enrolling an adult who has other coverage.

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