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Short Term Health Insurance

  Health Plan Administrators Inc. (HPA) offers three of the most popular short term medical insurance plans available in most states. All are insured by Standard Security Life.... Read more

Q:  I am interested in purchasing short-term health insurance for my 16 month old son. We only need coverage for 30 days starting Sept. 1. We are moving from West Virginia to North Carolina... Read more

Q: What is the difference between COBRA and short term medical insurance for coverage while unemployed? A: COBRA insurance covers pre-existing medical conditions and is... Read more

Q: I am interested in short term insurance for my husband. He is not working and my company is too expensive for me to carry him on the plan. Please give me some information on affordable... Read more

Q: I'm inquiring about temporary insurance. My wife is pregnant but will be due in Feb. I will need insurance only for the Month of Sept. My question is: if during Sept. an emergency... Read more

Q: I have an inquiry about state short term medical / temporary insurance plans.  Do you have or know where I can find any information regarding enrollment numbers in these plans,... Read more

Q: I was looking into your "Secure 12x3 STM" plan. I was wondering how much is the one-time enrollment fee? A: The "Secure 12x3 STM quoting system" shows... Read more

Q: I need health insurance as I am in between jobs and need something on a temporary basis; however, I need to know how this plan actually works: 1 - Are there co-pays? Doctor visits? 2... Read more

Q: Would you please suggest an insurance carrier to contact to get temporary insurance for my 6 month old daughter. We live in New York, which I know is an issue for most insurance... Read more

Q: Do short term health insurance policies covered contact sports such as rugby? A: Yes, injuries from sports are covered expenses but participation in professional... Read more

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