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Short Term Health Insurance

MedSave.com is pleased to be a national leader in short term health insurance and part of the solution to our national health care dilemma. These are some of the details that make short term... Read more

In most cases there is no limit to the total length of time you can be covered by short term health insurance as long as you meet the usual eligibility requirements on the date of... Read more

Q: I recently read a suggestion you gave to a reader to purchase Basic Health Insurance in order to cover pre-existing conditions. However, when I followed the link provided in your column, the... Read more

Everyone in the United States who meets all five of the conditions listed below is eligible for coverage. The eligibility requirements are: 1 - Must not have other other overlapping primary... Read more

Q: Does the Liaison International Travel plan cover in all the lower 48 states in the United States? A: Yes, all of the insurance plans listed at MedSave.com... Read more

Q:  I want to reapply for short term medical insurance in Minnesota but the company is no longer listed in that state. A:Several of the most popular insurance plans withdrew from that... Read more

Q: Is there some type of insurance that I may get that is short term? I am losing my job due to a recent merger and am needing coverage. However, I do have a current medical condition and... Read more

Q: I want information on how to enroll in Value Hospital Plan. I am unemployed and my medical benefits expired. Depending on the premium, how long after I sign up will the benefits take effect.... Read more

Q: My wife recently changed jobs and does not get health care coverage through her new employer due to the high cost (1000+ dollars a month for family coverage). I cannot enroll in my... Read more

Q: What is the minimal time for a life insurance policy? Can you insure for only 1 or 2 months? A: Yes; life insurance policies are typically issued for a one year policy term but you can always... Read more

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