Short term coverage in New York

TA | May 22, 2007

Q: I am a New York resident without health insurance. I need to get coverage until I find employment.

A: Because New York state law does not utilize the product called "short term medical insurance" that is used in most other states for this specific purpose, the best compromise between broad coverage and affordable cost in New York State is Core Health Insurance. See the details and pricing online; You will find coverage for a fraction of the price of major medical plans ranging from $118 per month for the lowest level of benefits to $274 per month for the highest level of benefits for young adults. Coverage can be immediately issued with a secure online application. Traditional major medical insurance, in contrast, would cost more than $400 per month in your area and take at least several weeks to get started.

Core Health insurance is a limited benefit coverage that can be used alone for now and kept in force to supplement other insurance you may have in the future.

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