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Health Insurance Saving Accounts

Q: Do you have to do anything at tax time with the 1099A form you get for your Health Savings Account? A: Yes, Health Savings Account (HSA) owners are required to file Form... Read more

Q: How much can I put into my Health Savings Account in 2008? A: The maximum contribution for 2008 is $2900 if you are single coverage or $5,800 if you have family coverage. If you are over... Read more

Q: My company has started an HAS and I expect to have the $5650 in the account by Dec. 31. I would like to roll this plan year to another account that supports investment in mutual funds. Do you... Read more

Q: We live in NJ and we are hoping to sign up for a HSA account. Can you please help us. We have tried contacting our agent and cant seem to make any headway on this issue.   A: Health... Read more

Q: I switched to a health savings account last year but now the premium increased to the point where I wonder if it is worthwhile.   A: Check the rates for Golden Rule Insurance that... Read more

Q: I am considering opening a Health Savings Account online. How will I be able to check my Health Savings Account balance? A: HSA Bank offers electronic statements that can... Read more

Q: What happens if I send $7,000 to my Health Savings Account? According to HSA rules I researched through the internet, excess contributions over the allowable limit are treated as income... Read more

Q: If an employer offers a HSA program, is it subject to discrimination testing? In other words can if be offered to one group but not another group of associates? A: HSAs are... Read more

Q: How many people are covered by Health Savings Accounts? A: According to the April 2008 report issued by America's Health Insurance Plans, 6.1 million people in the... Read more

Q: My employer currently offers heath insurance but is changing to a HSA plan. My spouse is also on the policy. If the HSA plan has a Family Plan with $5,000.00 deductible, does this mean... Read more

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