Safest health insurance company

KM | October 6, 2008

Q: What is the strongest and safest health insurance company?

A: Your concern is valid considering the daily announcements of failures and takeovers in the financial services industry. In our opinion, the safest health insurance products are offered by Mutli-National Underwriters and underwritten by Lloyds of London. This company is a subsidiary of HHC Insurance Holdings that offers worldwide medical insurance and international travel coverage. Within the U.S. this company is primarily known for Amigo Medical an affordable short term medical insurance with service provided both in English and in Spanish.

Lloyd's of London is the world's leading specialist insurance company and recently announced an interim profit before tax of $1,889 million for the six month period ending June 30, 2008. The company has central assets of almost $4 billion. Although the result reflect weaker market conditions, this performance is far better than many U.S. insurance companies.

In addition to the safety of offered by Lloyd's, HHC Insurance Holdings Inc. recently announced that it had sold all of its positions in the stock of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Wachovia Corporation, and in the securities of American International Group, Inc. and Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc. in order to maintain a portfolio of highly rated, conservative investments. The company owns no stock in Washington Mutual Inc.

It seems that this company is taking extraordinary care to convince its policyholders of its strong financial position.

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