Pre-existing Medical Conditions with Non-network doctor

January 1, 2010

Q: I was looking for insurance that would cover preexisting conditions with out of network doctors. You don't have a policy like that?

A: Many of the health insurance plans listed at MedSave.com cover pre-existing medical conditions. This topic is covered in more detail in the article titled "Finding Health Insurance to Cover Pre-existing Medical Conditions". The key is to understand that all individual health insurance policies have some type of waiting period for pre-existing medical conditions and so you want to find the most liberal provision for your specific situation.

All of the plans listed at MedSave.com allow you to use any doctor or hospital in the U.S. of your choice. None of the plans here require the use of network doctors or hospital.

In Georgia, see Core Health Insurance  as a likely first choice because it has the most liberal provisions for covering pre-existing medical conditions. Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions starts from the first day of coverage for most benefits but there is a 30 day waiting period for benefits related to a pre-existing illness and a six month wait for hospitalization benefits for any pre-existing medical condition.

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