January 1, 2010

Q: I have been emailing but why has no one emailed me back. I am concerned about my Guarantee Trust Life Insurance policy. I mailed a payment in September and the check has not been cashed. Please email me back. I am beg you because I am overseas and I do worry when it concern to my life insurance.

A: You should write to the insurance company immediately to resolve this issue. The mailing address of Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company is 1275 Milwaukee Avenue, Glenview, IL 60025. Make sure to include your policy number, a replacement premium check and be sure to have some proof of delivery (FedEx, certified mail, delivery confirmation, etc.).

Your prior messages were received by the enrollment support mailbox at MedSave.com and not by the customer support at Guarantee Trust Life Insurance. These are separate and unrelated companies and MedSave.com is not affiliated in any way as a service provider for your policy. Our previous responses to your inquiries referred you to the telephone number for Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company but apparently you are unable to call the company from overseas. We understand that you have ongoing concerns about whether your life insurance premium payment has been received by the insurer and that you sent a number of e-mail requests asking for an e-mail address to the insurance company.

We are sorry that we do not have access to any insurance policy information nor any information about payment transactions. You should assume that if your check is not cashed then the premium payment was not received ant that you will need to take action to replace the payment.

You requested an e-mail address for Guarantee Truest Life Insurance Company. We have no e-mail address to the insurance company and, as far as we know, life insurance companies do not provide customer support by e-mail as a matter of privacy and security. It is not realistic to expect to resolve your problem by e-mail. You should immediately call or write to the insurance company. Most life insurance payment inquiries are resolved by telephone and replacement of a missing payment can usually also be taken by telephone. The telephone number of the insurance company is (800) 338-7452. But if you are unable to call the insurance company because of your situation overseas, then you must communicate in writing, immediately and with delivery confirmation, if possible, to prevent your insurance from lapsing.

Finally, to prevent this from happening again, you may wish to consider some type of automatic payment of your insurance premium. Automatic bank draft is the most popular payment choice and a more reliable payment method than mailing a check. You may wish to ask the insurer about setting up that payment option in your letter. They will send a separate authorization form for that purpose.

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