Divorce leaves kids without coverage

TA | April 14, 2009

Q: Our parents divorced and the two children who are adult college students need health insurance. Now what?

A: In the relatively rare event that either of you have serious ongoing medical conditions then your former insurance can be continued either through COBRA (if applicable) or through an individual conversion option. This approach will be expensive because the insurer may change the rate from "dependant child" to "individual adult" coverage in the conversion. If you need this option, call the insurer directly to set up your own policy that will not be associated with your parents' former coverage. 

Most college students not covered by a parents' health plan find the best value through a commercial individual health insurance policy that is geared toward students. These policies are typically priced about $100 per month, may be used with any doctor or hospital and have maximum coverage comparable to your former major medical insurance policy. See the MedSave.com Student Health Insurance page for more information.


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