Overweight Student

January 1, 2010

Q: I have a few questions about the Celtic Basic PPO 80/20 plan.  I found this under a search for student health insurance.  I will be a student but it will be at a Technical school, not a college.  Will I still be eligible?  Does it exclude pre-existing conditions?  Would being obese cause my premiums to cost more than the amount listed or would I possibly be denied due to obesity?

A: The plan you looked at first is not the best choice for the reasons you mentioned. You may not be eligible and even if you are then the pre-existing condition may be excluded and premium may be increased due to obesity.

A better choice is short term medical insurance that can be issued for one semester at a time or for up to three years at once. Eligibility at standard rates is not a problem; coverage is approved online immediately upon application. See American Health Shield or Secure STM as two of the most likely choices. Secure 12x3 STM offers three year coverage is some states.

None of these individual insurance plans cover obesity treatment. If that becomes an issue, you will need to investigate more expensive coverage options. But as long as you maintain continuous coverage with s short term medical plan up to that point, changing insurance later will not cause a problem with the pre-existing medical condition.

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