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Q: I am international student changing school and would need 1.5 months of insurance. I'll be driving across the country and would like to know does your policy cover the entire... Read more

Q: What is the difference between "major medical insurance", "limited benefit" insurance, and "supplemental" insurance?   A: All three terms are used to... Read more

Q: Does this company have a license, are you a member of the Better Business Bureau, and what is the name on the insurance card. Also, do you have a phone number? A:... Read more

Q: I'd like to apply for Value Benefits 24 Hour Accident Expense Coverage. I am a student that just graduated and is in between jobs.   A: This would not be a suitable insurance... Read more

Q: I heard that all college students in Texas may be required to have health insurance next year. How much will this cost? A: This current news topic is covered in... Read more

Q: I have a question in using short term health insurance in New York State. I previously worked in New York City but quit a month ago and returned to Indiana where I have my driver license... Read more

Q: I am looking for short term "bridge" ins coverage- does American Health Shield plan cover for international travel and also I am a runner, so would I get covered for orthopedics/... Read more

Q: I have been trying to get info on any type of Life Insurance for myself, a HIV + individual. I am very healthy and have been HIV + asymptomatic, undetectable for the last 20 yrs. I did have a... Read more

Q:  I am searching for information to obtain reasonable health insurance coverage for my 19 year old daughter who is Type 1 Diabetic. She needs coverage until being admitted to a... Read more

Q: How do I get a brochure and enrollment forms by mail? A: MedSave.com is a completely paperless organization. We are proud to have maintained this environmentally... Read more

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