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Diabetics, as a group, face the most difficult task finding and keeping health insurance.  Legal, economic and psychological factors all pose obstacles to diabetics who need to be covered... Read more

Q: I am looking for an individual health insurance plan that covers lupus, minears disease, and depression. A: See the High Risk Health Plan page to... Read more

Q: I am a 25 year old diabetic living in Sacramento. I am currently without health insurance, and am waiting the 90 days until my insurance from my new job kicks in. Unfortunately for me, COBRA... Read more

Q: I am investigating coverage options for my sister-in-law and wonder what fee services you provide in this regard -- what is the cost and what information would you need?   A: Support... Read more

Health insurance is not a top concern for your graduating student this spring. Yet the financial risks of even a minor uninsured medical procedure could ruin a young adult's credit and put a... Read more

Q: I have a LLC where I perform the majority of the direct billed consulting work with four or five clients a year. My wife handles the bookkeeping, and may do some direct client work this year.... Read more

Q: I have had a double bypass surgery  in 2000; and was hospitalized for one week with a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation. Am taking several medications daily. Would I still be eligible for... Read more

Q: I am a young male, 30, and live a healthy lifestyle (running, biking, etc.), with no family history of heart disease. About 26 months ago, I saw a doctor for recurrent chest pain. They did... Read more

Q: How do I make sure that my HSA deposit is recorded for the correct tax year (2007) and what is the deadline? A: HSA Bank offers these suggestions for accurate tax reporting... Read more

Q:  I was laid off 12 months ago and my wife and I currently have Cobra coverage. I could not get less expensive coverage because of my pre-existing medical conditions. I will turn 65 in... Read more

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