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Contents Summary Background Low Cost Insurance Choices  Core Health Insurance  Basic Health Insurance  Value Benefits  Golden Rule Insurance  Celtic Insurance... Read more

Q: I lost my job and group insurance almost two months ago. Will "limited indemnity coverage" satisfy the legal requirement to maintain coverage (without more than a 63 day gap) so... Read more

Q: My wife was considering gastric bypass. The waiting period is a year and she must follow a certain plan created for this procedure. Would this surgery be considered covered? My... Read more

Jan 1, 2010

Q: Think its time you admit you made an error here? The growth of H.S.A. plans is astronomical.   A: MedSave.com no longer reports on the growth of HSA plans so the data you are... Read more

Q: Our company offers a Health Reimbursement Arrangement in lieu of a traditional group plan. This means that everyone seeks out their own insurance plan. We have an H1B employee coming to the... Read more

Q: I am looking for some health insurance. I would like to talk to an adviser. A: Your message referred to the name of an independent adviser who formerly provided telephone support for... Read more

Taking a smarter approach in 2009 Self-employed people consistently cite concerns about health insurance among their biggest business worries. Health care costs continue to rise every year and a... Read more

Recent immigrants to the U.S. make up about a quarter of the total population without health insurance, according to the most recent census data.  More significantly, this uninsured group is... Read more

Q: Is www.healthinsuranceinfo.org supported by OnlineAdviser service? A: No, there is no affiliation with MedSave.com or OnlineAdviser. Healthinsuranceinfo.org appears to be a health plan... Read more

John Hancock Life Insurance Company administers long term care insurance for insurance companies that were formerly known as "Fortis".  Fortis is a worldwide financial services company that... Read more

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