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Jan 1, 2010

Q: Where do I find the complete description of the benefits? A: Read more

Q: My daughter has some health issues like Cohn's disease and ankylosing spondylitis. She will graduate from college this year and we are trying to find catastrophic insurance... Read more

Q: I am researching the health insurance Value Plan or Core Health Plans.  When I begin to enter my information, it asks about beneficiaries and I only want health insurance.  Before... Read more

Q: What are the best health insurance companies in New Jersey? A: Obviously the "best" is a matter of opinion that varies from one situation to the next but we can... Read more

Q: My parents have just immigrated from Canada to the US as green card holders (permanent residents) and are living in Florida. They are 65 and 67 both with pre-existing... Read more

Q: What are the benefits of Careington Total Care discount plan? A: For a full description, see www.ehealthdiscountplan.com . Careington offers this summary:... Read more

Q: What is the best catastrophic individual health insurance?   A: "Secure STM" with a $5000 deductible is the highest quality catastrophic type insurance offering liberal... Read more

Updated 4/27/07 Celtic Life Insurance Company issues high quality medical insurance to individuals and families in most states through direct online pricing and enrollment.  All of the... Read more

Q: What does CeltiCare II "AnyDoc" PPO mean? Is this a PPO plan or not? A: This simply means that the PPO provisions of the policy apply to the hospital and... Read more

Q: I'm interested in insurance coverage and would like to be able to speak with an (live) agent. Tony Novak's name is at the bottom of the form I have in front of me, but his number has been... Read more

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