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Q: I need to cancel my insurance coverage. A: The best way to cancel insurance coverage is to call the member services office. This allows the representative to ask the... Read more

Jan 8, 2007

Q: I am a diabetic in Texas and my current employer has private insurance and so I don't qualify. On the Internet it said something about have both the ValueMed and the ValueHealth is best... Read more

Q: I would like to have a phone number and speak with someone about health insurance. A: Telephone support is provided directly by each insurance company or benefit... Read more

Oct 24, 2005

Q: I would like additional information about insurance by mail. A: In accordance with our goals of providing fast, eco-friendly and low cost service, MedSave.com does not produce... Read more

Q: I need info on health insurance for a person with a pre-existing condition. A: The most complete and up-to-date resource is the article "Finding Health Insurance to Cover... Read more

Q: Why can't I find Assurant/Fortis? A: Assurant Health is the new name of the company that used to be known as Fortis. The company changes its name from Time Insurance to... Read more

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