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Q: I am working on an article on insurance mandates. Would you mind answering a few questions? 1) What is the latest trend in mandated coverage? 2) Anything set my state's mandated coverage... Read more

Q: What are the options for affordable health insurance for low income adults in New Jersey? A: New Jersey health insurance costs are among the nation's highest, due... Read more

Q: I am looking for insurance for my daughter, a recent college grad who has yet to find a job or enroll in graduate school. What does it mean when it says that Core Health Insurance plan... Read more

Q: I am an Italian coming to study for three weeks in the United States. I would need some information about short term health insurance and particularly weekly insurance. If it possible to... Read more

Q: If you work in Missouri but live in Kansas, are you still eligible for Basic Health Insurance? A: Availability for health insurance depends in the state's approval status... Read more

Q: Where can I obtain a flexible spending reimbursement form on-line? A: Our parent company Freedom Benefits was a leading provider of low cost Flexible Spending Accounts... Read more

Q: My husband is recently self-employed, and I am a student. We have 3 children. I take Zoloft for anxiety, my husband takes Diovan for high-blood pressure, and my son has asthma. It is... Read more

Q: My wife and I are leaving England to go to USA and will need health insurance. Could you please give us advice about the plans you have that might fit our situation the best. We... Read more

Q: I am a student graduating this year and will stat a business. Do I qualify for life insurance online without a physical exam? A: The qualification is the same regardless... Read more

Q: My mother is coming to visit for 2 to 3 months. She currently resides in Iran. My mother has a Green Card AND holds US Residency. She is 70 years old. Would she be eligible for one... Read more

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