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  MedSave.com was able to compile a sneak-preview of changes that consumers can expect next year with regard to prices, insurance companies, policies and employer trends. Health... Read more

Q: Why does MedSave.com oppose universal health care system to eliminate the problems faced by people who are unable to get health insurance? A: Our position is based on five... Read more

Q: I submitted an application for Worldwide insurance with Multinational Underwriters but the approval is stalled. A: The "Reside Prime" policy you applied for needs to include... Read more

Basic Health Insurance is guaranteed issue coverage to all working people regardless of medical history in approved states.  Coverage is issued directly online at... Read more

Q: Does basic health insurance help with maternity cost if my wife gets pregnant later on? A: Yes, this can be a way to provide supplemental coverage for out-of-pocket maternity expenses. Many... Read more

Importance of the BBB Membership and BBB Online Reliability program MedSave.com is proud to provide enrollment support for five BBB members including three Online Reliability program... Read more

Jan 1, 2010

Q: Who is Beech Street network?   A: Beech Street is a national Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Viant network that is growing in popularity with low cost health insurance plans.... Read more

    Small businesses use employee benefits to attract and retain employees. Since there is no requirement for a business to provide employee benefits and relatively few legal... Read more

Basic Health Insurance is a relatively new type of health insurance that provides a specific dollar amount of cash benefit that is paid in addition to other health insurance benefits.  There... Read more

Q: I checked online with the BBB and they've never heard of HearPo (for hearing), American WholeHealth (chiropractor). EyeMed (vision), and Careington International (dental) are recognized... Read more

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