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Q: My husband is 45 and diabetic. His diabetics is under control and he takes very little medicine. He needs cheap insurance coverage. Hospitalization only is all that is needed. ... Read more

Q: How much would my prescription cost with the discount drug card? A: Commercial insurance companies, pharmacies and reputable PPO discount drug networks like... Read more

Q: Is pregnancy a pre-existing condition? I read on Wiki that it is never a pre-existing condition. A: The Web page on Wiki that you referenced is filled with so many... Read more

Q: I am currently under a COBRA plan thru BCBS of Alabama after my employer shut my branch of the company down. My COBRA is good thru August 2009. We live in Indiana and he is a student... Read more

Q: I read that one of your affiliated companies Assurant Health was named as one of the ten worst insurance companies for bad faith claim denials. A: While that statistic would... Read more

Q: I'm thinking about signing up for the Celtic Basic PPO-80/20 plan but before I do I need to make sure this is the best coverage for me. My main concern is good PCP/GYN doctors I use and... Read more

Q: I started to complete the online application form but apparently did not have all the info to complete it. Is there a form I could use instead? I am looking to setup a HSA with a high... Read more

Q: My wife will be eligible for HIPAA health insurance in North Carolina. We'd like to get a quote from Celtic Insurance for a HSA-eligible HIPAA plan. A: All of the Celtic... Read more

Q: I am looking for health and dental insurance for me personally. I am currently with Blue Cross / Blue Shield but I am looking for low cost medical insurance when I become... Read more

Jul 31, 2008

Q: Is there really a short term health insurance policy that lasts three years? Wouldn't that be a long term policy? A: Yes, there is a short term medical insurance called... Read more

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