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Q: Do you handle health insurance under the Arizona portability plan? A: As independent advisers we don' directly "handle" any insurance but we certainly can... Read more

Q: How does Core Health compare with Assurant critical illness insurance? We can offer that on a group basis to our employees or as a voluntary benefit. A: Both products can be... Read more

Q: Could you supply information about organizations that have open enrollment for medical insurance. We have pre-existing conditions and therefore can't get individual coverage. A:... Read more

Q: I have a very high co-pay/deductible on my current insurance ($7500)....if I enrolled in MedSave, would that cover this out-of-pocket expense? A: As more group health... Read more

Q: I was denied health insurance due to high cholesterol (241) and 24% mass body index. A: If you mean that your application was declined, that can have long term... Read more

Q: I am an Indian Citizen on an H1 B visa here in California. My son who is 2 years old needs continuous medical treatment for neurological issues. I am finding that the insurance company... Read more

Q: I am a U.S. citizen residing overseas, in Israel. I need health and/or travel coverage for series of trips I will be making to the United States over the next 6 months. I... Read more

Oct 28, 2008

Q: I am a 43 year old female who has diabetes. I was directed to your site from diabetes.com. I presently do not have any insurance coverage and was looking to find some that I could... Read more

Q: I am interested in pricing health insurance with major pre-existing conditions. Please forward enrollment procedures and advise based on exhaustion of COBRA benefits. A:... Read more

Q: What is the strongest and safest health insurance company? A: Your concern is valid considering the daily announcements of failures and takeovers in the financial... Read more

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