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MedSave.com reminds parents with children who will be starting summer camp next month that there are only for more days to enroll for accident supplement accident insurance that will cover... Read more

Q:  I am considering one of the short term health insurance plans at MedSave.com. If I do not select the accident supplement rider, are medical expenses related to an accident covered?... Read more

Q: I need coverage for a child that I am adopting in South America.  How soon can I get proof of coverage and when will the coverage be effective? A: If you enroll online at... Read more

Q:You wrote that the Secure 12 x 3 health insurance is better than the previous short term medical insurance policies.  Can you give more details?. A: Yes, whileSecure 12 x 3 STM is... Read more

Q: I live in Massachusetts where health insurance is expensive. I am young and healthy but can afford only $100 per month. What do your recommend?   A: Yes, health insurance is more... Read more

Contents Summary Background Low Cost Insurance Choices Core Health Insurance Basic Health Insurance Value Benefits Golden Rule Insurance Celtic... Read more

Q: You say in your information about supplemental insurance that AFLAC is not available to individuals.  This is actually untrue.  Aflac is available to individuals on a... Read more

Q:  We will be doing a home exchange with a family from France. Our permanent medical insurance plans only cover our first month outside of the USA. We are looking for limited coverage... Read more

Q:  I have had a policy with Time Insurance but the rates have gone up astronomically.  We are all in good health, live in CT, and have had no claims on the policy.  What do... Read more

3/6/08 - Providing uninsured Americans with health coverage is proving to be a complicated issue. Despite a number of revised state programs and a flood of new research and information on the... Read more

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