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Q:  I am considering one of the short term health insurance plans at MedSave.com. If I do not select the accident supplement rider, are medical expenses related to an accident covered?... Read more

Q: I need coverage for a child that I am adopting in South America.  How soon can I get proof of coverage and when will the coverage be effective? A: If you enroll online at... Read more

Q:You wrote that the Secure 12 x 3 health insurance is better than the previous short term medical insurance policies.  Can you give more details?. A: Yes, whileSecure 12 x 3 STM is... Read more

Q: I need insurance for my daughter that would be considered continuing coverage between jobs for a few months. COBRA is not available. She has pre-existing medical conditions. When could... Read more

Q: I am looking for short term health insurance for a college student graduating and needs coverage until gets job with insurance.   A: There is a special type of insurance designed... Read more

Q: Need cover for myself and family. I have high BP and mild osteoarthritis. I am not a US citizen but will be permanent legal resident- relocating from London UK.?   A: Once you have a... Read more

Q: Our company's health insurance plan offers only two classes of coverage: single coverage or family coverage. The "family" coverage is offered only to married couples. Also,... Read more

Q: Is there a descriptive definition of "accident" available somewhere? For example, if I step badly on a sidewalk and break my leg, is this considered an accident by this plan? Or are... Read more

Q: I am an insulin dependent diabetic. I saw the ValueHealth insurance plan, but was wondering what about my diabetes would not be covered until I have had the insurance for a year. I was also... Read more

  The MedSave.com Approach      Index of Covertheunisured.org stories"Share Your Story" is a regular feature of Covertheuninsured.org that... Read more

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