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TA | December 5, 2008

Q: What are the most popular health insurance companies and how do I get more information about them?

A: In terms of the number of policies issued, the most popular type of health insurance is short term medical insurance. It is most attractive due to the low price and liberal benefits. However, so many different insurance companies issue this coverage that none stands out as being the most popular. Check the state by state listing pages to see the plans that are most popular in your state.

The most popular long term renewable health insurance plans vary from state to state and even from one zip code to another. But on a national basis the three with the most members are UnitedHealth Group, Aetna and Blue Cross / Blue Shield.

UnitedHealth is composed of several companies. The component that offers insurance to individuals and families is called UnitedHealthcare Golden Rule Insurance. Complete information about all of their health plans, prices and direct enrollment are available online through their own secure Web site.

Aetna offers information about coverage to individuals and families nationwide through InsureMe online quoting service but enrollment is still handled by an agent.

There are 39 Blue Cross / Blue Shield organizations in the United States. Although none of these individual companies are as popular as the two previously mentioned, when considered collectively they insure one out of every three people in the country. These plans dominate the market in at least 30 states. More information, plan choices and rates are available in the same quote request as with Aetna above.

Although not the most popular type of insurance yet, the fastest growing type of insurance is supplemental health insurance. If current trends continue plans like Basic Health Insurance and Core Health Insurance could become the nation's most popular insurance.

We are likely to see many reorganizations, mergers and rebranding of health insurance in he next few years so this information is likely to change.

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