Medical + Dental insurance combination for family

KM | June 16, 2009

Q: I was wondering if one can get dental insurance as part of the medical insurance packages available. I am looking to get a combo type plan with both if possible.

A: Yes, most of the low cost health insurance plans also offer a range of dental insurance options. Specific product availability varies according to state insurance laws. The easiest way to check availability and prices in your location is to scan the state-specific listing of low cost health insurance plans at MedSave.com. Both Unitedhealthcare's Golden Rule Insurance and Celtic Insurance are well-known for strong dental plans in addition to lower-priced consumer-driven and catastrophic health insurance. Both of these are renewable insurance plans and we advise that dental insurance should be kept in force for more than a year in order to reach the maximum benefit coverage level.

If you are looking for short term health insurance then we suggest that you may wish to pair the insurance with a dental discount plan instead of insurance for maximum benefit/cost combination. These discount plans are administered by Careington Inc., one of the best-known providers of dental network services in the U.S. In the event you decide to select dental insurance separately from the health insurance, American Health Shield dental provides a very popular stand-alone dental insurance available throughout most of the U.S.

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