Maternity covered by supplemental insurance

KM | August 21, 2008

Q: Does supplemental insurance cover maternity expenses?

A: Most supplemental insurance policies including Basic Health Insurance, Value Health and the other related Value Benefit plans cover expenses triggered by maternity care in the same way as other types of medical expenses. With an increasing number of major medical policies requiring out-of-pocket exposures of $1,500 or higher for maternity care, a supplemental insurance policy can be a good way to cut your risk.

A minority of supplemental insurance like Core Health Insurance specifically exclude normal pregnancy and delivery expenses. This exclusion is plainly stated in the policies that include this exclusion.

If you are already pregnant, also keep in mind that all of these policies that cover pregnancy-related expenses have a waiting period before pre-existing conditions are covered so this would likely not be of any use to you. Also, consider that the limits of coverage built into supplemental insurance means that the majority of your maternity expenses will not be covered by supplemental insurance so this is one reason that a good major medical is essential for coverage of large expenses.

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