Maternity coverage under group insurance

KM | August 21, 2008

Q: I am covered under group health insurance policy through my employer. I wanted to know weather maternity expenses will be covered through this policy. Will all of the expenses be covered?

A: All group health insurance polices provide maternity benefits but the out-of-pocket costs for deductibles and co-payments can still be substantial. The long term trend indicates that the employees' portion of uncovered expenses will continue to grow. For this reason, more employees covered under group insurance are now choosing to also enroll in individual supplemental insurance. See the page titled "Low Cost Health Insurance to Cover Maternity" for more information.

Also, if you are pregnant when you join a group insurance plan, it is important to know that pregnancy coverage may be determined by whether you had continuous qualifying coverage in the months prior to the current insurance. Find more information about HIPAA law in the other citations or see the article "Understanding a Certificate of Creditable Coverage".


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