January 1, 2010

Q: What is the difference between "major medical insurance", "limited benefit" insurance, and "supplemental" insurance?

A: All three terms are used to describe common types of insurance used here at MedSave.com. Major medical insurance covers all ordinary and necessary medical expenses that are above the limits you select. limited benefit insurance sets a limit on the amount of coverage so effectively covers the amount below the limit you select. "Supplemental" means that the insurance can be combined with other insurance and benefits may be paid under multiple policies.

Popular low cost major medical policies are American Health Shield, Celtic Insurance, Secure, and Golden Rule Insurance.

Popular low cost limited benefit policies include Core Health, Basic Health Insurance and Value Benefit Health Plans.

All of the limited benefit policies at MedSave.com are also supplemental insurance, which means that they are best used in combination with a major medical policy whenever possible. These policies are used alone when other coverage is not available or is not affordable.


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