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January 1, 2010

How do I get a brochure and enrollment forms by mail?

A: MedSave.com is a completely paperless organization. We are proud to have maintained this environmentally sensitive position for more than a decade. Of course you can always print out a brochure and application using your own computer, but there are no pre-printed enrollment forms available by mail. Of course not everyone

Sometimes our users wonder if there is more information or details that might be available on paper but are not visible online. Actually, all of the published information approved for public use for each health plan is available online; there are no other details in any other paper forms.

Once you enroll for any health plan, you have the option of receiving the policy and ID card electronically or on paper by mail. For your protection, you have the option of reviewing the details of your specific policy and cancelling for a full refund if the specifics of your policy do not meet your expectations. Insurance laws provide a minimum of 10 days for this review, except in the case of international medical insurance that is often issued for short durations like a week of overseas vacation.

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