January 1, 2010

Q:  I am searching for information to obtain reasonable health insurance coverage for my 19 year old daughter who is Type 1 Diabetic. She needs coverage until being admitted to a college health plan or employer's insurance. Blue Cross / Blue Shield in North Carolina is about $1300 per month and not affordable for our family.

A: Diabetics who are not dependant on insulin are eligible for "Secure STM" health insurance at a small fraction of the price of Blue Cross coverage. This is a reputable high quality comprehensive nationwide coverage with exceptionally high marks for consumer satisfaction, but the policy does not cover pre-existing medical conditions and you must re-apply for a new policy every six months. See "A Review of Secure STM" or "Health Insurance for Diabetics" for more information.

In all states except the District of Columbia, insulin dependant diabetics without access to employer-provided group insurance can obtain health insurance through state assigned risk pools that are often not considered affordable as you discovered.

Limited benefit policies called "Core Health Insurance" "ValueMed" and "ValueHealth" at MedSave.com may be used as an affordable alternative to major medical insurance. These accept insulin dependent diabetics but these are not full coverage policies.

As a last resort state-provided health insurance is available only after a diabetic has exhausted most financial resources. Special personal financial planning is recommended for individuals who are caught in this situation. See the OnlineAdviser page at www.tonynovak.com/onlineadviser.htm for details on this individual service.


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