International coverage for returning U.S. citizen

BA | June 23, 2008

Q: My wife and I are leaving England to go to USA and will need health insurance. Could you please give us advice about the plans you have that might fit our situation the best. We are looking for a budget option that will give us good coverage. I am a 23 year old and a US citizen. I will live in the US until December at which point I will be spending a little less than 3 months abroad and then probably returning to the US. My wife is not a U.S. citizen.

A: While plenty of good health insurance options are available to international travelers outside their country of origin, U.S. citizens have found difficulty obtaining coverage when they first return to the U.S. and do not yet have a domestic address.

These suggestions may help:

1) If you wait until you have a U.S. address and then go online at MedSave.com to enroll in a short term medical insurance available at your new U.S. residence. Coverage can be browsed ahead of time if your future state of residence. There is no requirement that the resident address be a permanent or long term address. It is possible to obtain coverage using a temporary or transient address. U.S. coverage options are listed and priced on a state-by-state basis so specific product recommendations may vary.

2) Apply for international coverage with your wife as the policyholder and you as the spouse. This bypasses the citizenship issue. International coverage options are listed on the International Health Insurance at MedSave.com. The product called "Liaison International" would seem to be the best choice in your situation.

3) Consider separate policies while in the U.S. vs. when you are outside the U.S. Usually the best value for coverage is different. It pays to spend a few minutes online here at MedSave.com to compare your options.


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