January 1, 2010

Q: I have a question in using short term health insurance in New York State. I previously worked in New York City but quit a month ago and returned to Indiana where I have my driver license and voter registration card. I am returning to New York City for 3 months to study for a grad school exam. In September I will start my grad school in Connecticut. Does this mean that I can purchase a Short Term Health Insurance in Indiana and use the plan in New York City? Will there be any legal issues if I do need to use my plan in New York because I previously worked there?

A: Yes. Short term medical insurance is valid in all states including New York and Connecticut. This is one of the reasons it is so popular among young adults "on the move" with education, career and social travel. The only restriction is that the policy cannot be issued to a New York address, although you can change your address back to New York after coverage is issued. An address in Indiana, whether permanent or temporary, is sufficient to obtain this insurance. Prior locations of residence or travel have no bearing on eligibility.
You may wish to consider a plan with renewability up to three years like Secure 12 x 3 that would likely take you through grad school years. You can always keep a series of shorter policies, but it is safer to have the 36 month renewability feature. See Short term health insurance listings for Indiana.

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