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RK | October 24, 2005

Q: I would like additional information about insurance by mail.

A: In accordance with our goals of providing fast, eco-friendly and low cost service, MedSave.com does not produce paper brochures. Of course you may download and print out all of this product enrollment information using your own printer. The specific brochure you requested is available through the link listed below.

MedSave.com publishes all of consumer-approved information that we have available for each product online so there are no supplemental printed materials available by mail. Some shoppers expect there to be more information available, but what you see online is actually the entire enrollment brochure. The full contents of the actual policy can (and should be) reviewed immediately after enrollment. Premium payments are fully refundable within 10 days of enrollment if the policy is not to your complete satisfaction.

This OnlineAdviser free e-mail support service can help if you have trouble finding any specific information or if you have a any question about the online material.

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