Immediate acceptance for Basic Health Insurance

TA | June 18, 2009

Q: How can I find out the status of my Basic Health Insurance application and weather or not I have been excepted?

A: Acceptance is immediate and automatic upon receipt of the application and payment. Basic Health Insurance is a limited benefit guaranteed issue universal health insurance. We strongly suggest that you make payment online so that there is an immediate on-screen confirmation of your acceptance. Any mailed payment is subject to a "lost in the mail" risk and, of course, a delay due to the transport time. Basic Health Insurance underwritten by Markel Insurance is available at http://www.basichealthinsurance.net.

This is a "month-to-month" group insurance plan; coverage always starts on the first of the month following the date of enrollment. Coverage continues until the last day of the month after you cancel or stop paying premiums as long as this product is offered in your state of residence.

Keep in mind that if you need coverage to start sooner, then other types of short term health insurance are available to fill the gap.


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