Home Depot employee needs hospitalization insurance

TA | June 3, 2009

Q: I just switched from full time to part time insurance with Home Depot. The part time insurance is not great. Do you have supplemental hospitalization plans?

A: The most popular supplemental health insurance plans for Home Depot employees are not strictly hospitalization plans, but we can help point to both hospitalization as well as more versatile supplemental insurance.

In your state of Florida, the Value Hospitalization insurance is a simple and inexpensive supplemental hospitalization coverage that allows enrollment through a downloaded application form. A related insurance plan called Value Med USA can add $500 per day hospitalization payment plus an array of other supplemental benefits for a surprisingly low cost. Pricing and enrollment are available immediately online. We suggest this broad form supplement may be a better choice than the hospitalization coverage alone. As far as we can tell, this has been a popular choice with other Home Depot employees.

The most popular supplemental insurance (but perhaps also the most expensive) in Florida is Core Health Insurance and the least expensive (perhaps with the lowest level of benefits) is Basic Health Insurance. Remember 

Residents of other states can check the state-specific listing for availability of specific plans.

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